Those who can, do. But those who can also teach, also teach.

In high school, Mitchell Zemil worked part-time as a tutor for other students, in subjects ranging from middle-school algebra to AP Physics. In doing this, he learned he'd probably enjoy teaching.

Beginning in the summer of 2015, Zemil has worked at Camp Androscoggin as a camp counselor teaching animation. Beginning in the fall of 2017, he also teaches two classes at Montclair State University on the fundamentals of After Effects and Nuke. Owing his natural patience and thoughtfulness to animation, he takes pride in teaching and hopes to continue doing so for a long time. One personal dream of his, once he has the means, is to start a donation-run public animation program for his community in Brooklyn, which could serve as an after school program as well as a means of teaching animation to those who might otherwise never learn it.

Zemil believes that animation is not a skill that must only be learned by professionals and dedicated artists, but can also be a hobby or interest that simply enriches one's life, like playing a musical instrument. Through teaching and education, he hopes to prove this and share his passion for animation with many others.