Mitchell Zemil started animating over 10 years ago and he has literally no idea how to stop.

Inspired by Flash web cartoons that dominated the internet of the early 2000's, he sought out a copy of Flash (back when it was owned by Macromedia) as a teenager and taught himself the program through brute force. On the website Newgrounds, he made small music videos and developed his eye for movement and timing. Throughout high school, his presentations and projects became animations whenever possible. He had officially caught the bug.

As a freelancer, Zemil likes to work on animations of all kinds, though music videos have continued to be a favorite. He seeks to do challenging animation that requires as much of an analytical approach as it does intuition and feeling. He often works as a solo animator, but is equally happy collaborating with others and working in teams large and small. He doesn't use Flash much these days, but is always looking to expand his knowledge of animation software and techniques.

In his personal work, he hopes to create vivid, emotionally lush films that combine sentimental and mature ideas with the explosive nature inherent to hand drawn animation. For these reasons, he particularly looks up to the works of Don Hertzfeldt, David O'Reilly, Nina Paley, and John and Faith Hubley.