The Ghost in the Scarf

My third-year project at NYU, The Ghost in the Scarf is a short, simple, and sweet story about a girl and an article of clothing.

Adventures in Pre-Production

This film marked the first time I was creating something of a large enough scale to demand a production schedule and serious considerations in planning. From revising storyboards to character tests and layouts, I learned a great deal about paving a path for your film through making this as well as John Canemaker's Intermediate Animation Production class (which I made this film for).


Hyper-focused Story and Concept

By design, The Ghost in the Scarf is a simple, mono-theme film that is meant to represent no more than the power of parental love, and how that love can even be felt when a parent is not physically close by or "around" anymore. In many ways, I visualize the entire film as being a build-up to the final shot and reveal, and though it's a very trimmed and efficient plot, I believe (half-jokingly) that the entire story could be told in just those final 5 seconds.


Awards and Honors

The film is a 2014 recipient of the James Janowsky Award, given each year to films in NYU's Animation Showcase. The film also received a Third Place Prize in NYU's New Visions and Voices Festival, Fall 2014. The film was screened at the 2014 Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, and to date is the only time my work has been officially screened in Greece. However, the oddest honorific it has received (and that I have received in general) is that it was featured in an online ad campaign for German laundry detergent.