You Again?

Ongoing project involving mashup music, music that is produced by sampling and mixing tracks by other artists and 'mashing' them together to create something familiar, but new.

Some Context

Much of my work as You Again?, in an abstract way, comes from thoughts and reflections on mental illness. It is not something I personally deal with, but like many I have friends who struggle and the subject has interested me deeply. The samples and songs, like neurons in the brain, fire and misfire at sometimes unexpected moments, and it is a strange, indescribable feeling to know when two things that should not go together have been inextricably connected in this way.

At their core, all mashups are postmodern art, exploring the interconnected nature of art, the juxtaposition of seemingly disparate works, and the contextual, referential nature of contemporary art. Specifically with You Again?, I'm aiming to create incredibly dense sounds that pull from a wide spectrum of musical genres, layering sounds so intricately that it requires multiple listens to catch every sample. My main driving philosophy is to make things fun and complicated; it is the antithesis of the old adage to "kill your darlings."


One final note - these online streams will leave a 'gap' between tracks, which is especially jarring for the seamlessly mixed albums. These are all available for free download if you wish to avoid that inconvenience.